Let's Follow Our Prophet Muhammad in Realizing The Hope of Indonesia

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Picture by: islam.nu.or.id
Picture by: islam.nu.or.id


In August 2021, Muslims entered the Islamic New Year 1 Muharram 1443 Hijri. However, there are still many who do not know. I don't even understand there is a historic moment in the month of Muharram. Instead, Muslims are more familiar with the New Year and participate in enlivening the celebration of New Year's Eve. The calendar was formed on the day of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. (Wikipedia.org)


While the year of Hijri is counted since the Prophet Muhammad was in Medina. It is said to be Hijri because it is the process of hijrah Rasul from Makkah to Medina. The meaning of the hijrah of the Apostle is not just a move. Umar ibn Khatab once said that the hijrah event became a separation between the right and the vanity. (muslim.or.id)

The understanding of hijrah in As-sunnah is very broad. That is, to leave whatever form of efficacy to the improvement according to God's command. Including out of darul kufr to darul Islam. As Makkah was then as darul kufr, a territory (State) that did not apply the rules of Allah totally. Just worship the self-seding and reject the da'wah of Islam.


So God's command of the Messenger of Medina was sent down. This is where the initial moment of the formation of Darul Islam. Where Islamic sharia is applied as a whole in a region. Led for the first time by the Apostle as head of State.


The security of Muslims is maintained in Medina. Until the da'wah of Islam spread widely to one-third of the world. Since then a glorious civilization full of well-being has awakened in every aspect of life. All forms of problems can be resolved fully with islamic rules. Even a just life can be felt by non-Muslims.

The success of Islam leading human life continues to the companions. The application of the Islamic system continued to dominate for 14 centuries. It ended on March 3, 1924. Until now humans in any part of the region are no longer governed by the Islamic system. It is controlled by a secular capitalist system.


The capitalist system is thick with man-made rules. Which promotes the progress of the economic field. In other words, a state system governs the freedom of individuals to control economic activities so as to generate profits for the benefit of large capital owners.


In accordance with the facts in Indonesia today as a perpetrator of the capitalist system. The outbreak had a tremendous impact on the effect of economic growth. Dreaming of being able to advance as a country whose economic growth is rising. And put hope in the productive age of demographic bonus results as a material wheel-drive tool going forward.

Economic recovery after Covid-19, we hope that if we can be based in 2022 with a growth rate of 6%, then the long trajectory (economic growth trend) (without crisis) can return again in 2029. Bappenas chief Suharso Manoarfa.


There is an equation of the current system conditions with the jahiliyah of Makkah before hijrah. Economic affairs are the main focus. Life is governed by man-made systems. Property and wealth are owned by a handful of people. The accumulation of ribawi debt carried out by the State is charged to the people. There is no rule of God used in the power of darul.


As Muslims, we must be able to understand how Allah commands so much good in this life. Islam is the mercy of all nature. While they will continue to come because of his commands.

There has been corruption on the land and in the sea because of the works of the hands of men, that Allah may feel to them part of their deeds, that they may return (to the right way). (QS. Ar-Rum :41)


There is a lot to learn about Hijrah. So that the spirit of the month of Muharram is not just assessing changes in economic value or yourself. But also understand how the history of Darul Islam was formed in Medina.


So that in realizing the dream of the progress and resurrection of a nation. It is necessary to know the concept of Islam kaffah in regulating the disobedience of individuals, communities and states that obey sharia. Change will not exist by itself and is only done by one person. But hijrah totality like the time of the Prophet must be done together.

Allah did not change the circumstances of any people until they changed what was in themselves(QS ar-Ra'd: 11).


So if you dream of conditions that are advanced, prosperous, just, prosperous. So the right way out is to return to the Islamic system. Those who have trusted to regulate the joints of economic life, social, education, health and others. As once applied by the Prophet Subhanahu wa taala in kaffah embroidery.


Wallahu a'lam.