The Spirit of Hijrah: Jodipan The Colorful Village

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"Surely Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change themselves." (QS. Ar-Ra'du : 11)

This verse teaches us to try to change our own circumstances. From backward to advanced. From weak to strong. From oppressed to independent. From pessimist to optimist. Changes in the positive direction are strongly encouraged by Islam. In a more religious language, we migrate.


The spirit and concept of hijrah can be applied in various lines of life. Personal and community life and nation. One of them is the arrangement of a residence or village.  Hijrah in this context requires a touch of creative hands.  

Malang city now has a creative idea by creating various thematic villages that have a variety of characters in Malang City. Starting from Kampung Glintung Go Green, Kampung Bertani, Kampung 3D and the one that has just been inaugurated is Kampung Warna Warni. The colorful village has even become national news. 

The village was inaugurated directly by the Mayor of Malang, H. Moch Anton accompanied by Forkopimda Kita Malang, Chairman of TP PKK Malang City and Regional Secretary of Malang City on Sunday (4/9). 

Kampung Warna Warni located in Jodipan Village RW 02, RT 06, 07, and 08 is a village located on the brantas riverbank.

Thanks to a touch of ideas and creative hands, the village near the Embong Brantas bridge is crowded with residents to take a selfie with a colorful village background. Not only the residents of the poor city, but also from Malang Raya, some even from outside the city. 


In his speech, Abah Anton expressed his highest gratitude and appreciation to PT. Inti Daya Guna Aneka Warna (indana) or commonly known as Decofresh in collaboration with Guys of Public Relations (guyspro), communication science practice university of Muhammadiyah Malang; Which has made jodipan residential area into a colorful village.

"Breakthroughs and solutions from the implementation of creativity such as in this colorful village can have a positive impact, not only for economic growth, but also bring positive trends for creative city management management, so as to accelerate the achievement of sustainable development," said Abah.


The development of creative cities is also expected to encourage equitable regional development through accelerating the growth of economic centers by exploring the potential and excellence of the region, because based on local potential as an effective basic advantage and identity, it can increase the added value and competitiveness of the region.