Allah loves sneezing but not yawning

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picture by: pexels
picture by: pexels

From Abu Hurairah RA from the Prophet SAW said: "Verily Allah loves sneezing and hates yawning. So if one of you sneezes and he praises Allah, then every Muslim who hears it has the right to pray for him. As for yawning, it is indeed from the devil, so let him try to restrain it as much as he can. When he yawns, Satan laughs at him." (Narrated by Imam Bukhari)

Why does Allah SWT love sneezing? Let's try to understand this based on an explanation from the side of health science or medicine. Sneezing is a natural symptom that is human in nature, namely the release of hard, strong air accompanied by pounding through two holes: the nose and mouth.


In this way, it will be drained from the body along with this sneeze a number of things such as dust, viruses, fleas, or microbes that sometimes enter the respiratory organs through the air. Therefore, by nature, sneezing comes from the Most Merciful, because in it there is great benefit for the body.


So it is fitting for everyone to praise Allah, the Most Holy, Most High when he sneezes, because he has been given mercy by Allah through the symptoms of sneezing that are beneficial for his body, indirectly he has removed dust, viruses, lice, or microbes that are not harmful to his body. beneficial for the body.

While yawning is a symptom that indicates that the person's brain and body need oxygen and nutrients and is caused by the lack of oxygen in the respiratory organs in supplying oxygen to the brain and body. This occurs when a person is drowsy or dizzy, lethargic, and in the face of death.


Yawning is the activity of inhaling deep air through the mouth by taking deep breaths. Because the mouth is not an organ prepared to filter air like the nose. If the mouth remains open when yawning, it will also enter various types of microbes and dust or lice along with the entry of air into the body. Therefore, by nature, yawning comes from the devil, because in him there is harm that is harmful to the body.


From a different perspective, Imam Ibn Hajar Al-Asqolani said, "Imam Al-Khatabi said that the meaning of love and hate in the above hadith is returned to the causes contained in the hadith. Sneezing occurs because the body is dry and the skin pores are open, and the feeling of fullness is not achieved. While yawning occurs because the body is full, and the body feels heavy to move, this is because of the large amount of food. He further added that sneezing can move people to worship while yawning makes people lazy.


Through the mouth of the Prophet SAW, Allah SWT gives instructions to us to fight/hold this "yawning" symptom as much as we can, or if we are unable to anticipate the harm it will cause by covering the mouth when yawning with the right hand or with the back of the left hand to ward off the entry of all things that will give us harm through this yawning mouth. (*)