Syria’s Civil War Heads into Its 11th Year with No Real End to The Conflict In Sight

By | 02 February 2021 14:44:46 | 129 | 0

Car bombs happened again in Syria. The White Helmets’s twitter account @SyiriaCivilDef tweeted on January 31st 2021, “12 people were killed, & 29 others were wounded, in two successive car bomb explosions that hit two towns in northern Aleppo countryside today. This comes less than 24 hours after an explosion hit Afrin city killing 8 and injuring 27. #WhiteHelmets have responded to the incidents.”

According to AlJazeera News,  the successive explosions on Sunday took place in the town of Azaz and another village some 50km (30 miles) away, both areas held by Syrian rebel fighters allied with Turkey.  

This latest bomb threat increased the number of victims during the Syirian war. AlJazeera News reported 9.3 Million Syirian people are now suffering from food insecurity since 2010.

“Syria’s civil war heads into its 11th year with no real end to the conflict in sight” Marani states in Inside Story (01/31).