Thousands of Protesters in Britain Demand Palestinian Independence

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Thousands of protesters in London, England demand independence for Palestine in a demonstration held on Saturday (26/6) local time. They demonstrated against the policies of the British Conservative government.


In the action, as reported by Wafa, Sunday (27/6), the demonstrators shouted demanding Palestinian independence while walking through central London towards Parliament. The rally was attended by prominent British political figures, including Jeremy Corbyn, the former leader of the main opposition Labor Party.


Corbyn tweeted that the provocative attacks deliberately targeting the Al-Aqsa mosque and the ongoing home invasion in Sheikh Jarrah had led to horrific violence in Jerusalem. According to him, Israel as an occupying power should improve the current situation and not worsen it.


In Parliament Square, Corbyn and several other figures, such as Labor MP Zara Sultana and Black Lives Matter activist Majestic Marvina, also expressed their views on the demonstration.


Protesters were seen walking down Oxford Street in large numbers after gathering in Hyde Park carrying banners supporting Palestine. Then they were greeted by another pro-Israel demonstration.


This demonstration of the liberation of Palestine is not the first time in London. In mid-May, thousands of demonstrators also took to the streets asking the British government not to allow Israel's brutal violence against the Palestinian people. They lined up at the Israeli embassy shouting 'Free Palestine'. The protests came after the worst week of violence in Gaza since 2014.


The demonstration in London was organized by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), Friends of Al Aqsa, the Palestine Forum in Britain (PFB), the Stop War Coalition, the Nuclear Disarmament Campaign and the British Muslim Association.


Palestinian Ambassador to Britain Husam Zumlot said the situation this time was different. The Palestinian people have experienced enough oppression. "Today we have had enough of this violence. Thank you for supporting us," said Zumlot.