Nowadays Kids Enjoy Adult Songs, Krisna Mukti Shows His Concern

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Image source:InstagramKrisnaMukti
Image source:InstagramKrisnaMukti

An Indonesian prominent senior actor - KrisnaMukti - surprisingly attended the press conference of children's song titled "Ada Cint" performed by Cinta Maharani. He intentionally went there to morally support the existence of children's song, since these past few decades, children's songs are hardly found as well as produced. "Back then when I was a little kid, I grew up along with the symphony of children's songs we all adore. There were ChichaKoeswoyo, Adi Bing Slamet, Sari, and many more," he said (31/10/2020) as reported by Jawa Pos.

He also said that back then, children's songs do not last a day or two like what happen today. They last for such a long period of time. Since the 'golden age' of ChichaKoeswoyo, there was also time when Tina Toon, Tasya, Sherina, Joshua Suherman, and Trio KwekKwek dominated the children's music. "Since the years of Tina Toon, that 'golden age' of children's song has disappeared until now, which is approximately around 20 years now already."

"I always feel like hurt, every time I hear nowadays kids singing adult songs. I just don't think it is a good habit. They do not grow and behave according to their age," Krisna added. He also hopes that all of the art workers, composers or musician could work hand in hand to make those golden ages to live again. "Those kids are not supposed to sing about lust and affection just yet. It's not the proper age to sing adult songs. They are kids, and the appropriate theme for them are about nature, pets, friendship, brotherhood, and so on."

A few years prior in 2015, Tasya Kamila, a former child singer who are now a Columbia University graduate, showed her concern towards this phenomenon as well. She said that the music industry is way much different now than back in times. "The entertainment in audio-visual media is also different. Television programme nowadays lacks of what children are supposed to watch," she remarked. She hoped that parents as well as the government would find the proper solution to overcome this problem, where kids are more likely to sing adult songs rather than children's songs that fit their age.

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Reporter: Alvi Rosyidah