KPK arrests Minister Edhy Prabowo In Lobster Seed Export Case

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Picture by : bukamata
Picture by : bukamata

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) arrested Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries EdhyPrabowo, Wednesday (11/25/2020) in the morning. He was arrested at SoekarnoHatta airport when he had just arrived from the United States.

The arrests took place at around 01.00 WIB. There were 13 people who were secured and then released. Edhy was arrested in connection with the export of lobster or fry. This was confirmed by the Deputy Chairman of the Ghufron Corruption Eradication Commission on Wednesday 11/25/2020.

The Corruption Eradication Commission has arrested EdhyWibowo regarding the export of lopster, "said KPK Deputy Chairman NurulGhufron, Wednesday (11/25/2020) quoted from

Reach at SoekarnoHatta Airport by plane from Japan, Edhy and his wife and several other groups who came to America were immediately arrested by the KPK and taken to the building of the head of corruption eradication, "said the source to Wednesday (25/11).

Edhy's arrest was ironic because in December 2019, EdhyPrabowo once stated that corruption was the main enemy of the head of corruption eradication. He hopes that the spirit of eradicating corruption is not only physical, but penetrates the heart.

The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, as one of the marine and fisheries stakeholders, talks about corruption, so it is our main enemy, "said Minister Edhy at the World Anti-Corruption Day Commemoration event, Monday 09/12/2019.

According to Edhy, the commemoration of eradicating corruption should not be just a symbol, but should really be absorbed and applied when carrying out the mandated duties. For this reason, he emphasized that the commemoration of anti-corruption day can be a momentum to evaluate a year ago, and strengthen the spirit of carrying out anti-corruption and serving the country in the future.

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