Ma’ruf Amin Expects Istiqlal to be the Center of Islamic Ideas, Civilization and Culture

By Lissa | 26 February 2021 12:00:08 | 194 | 0
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The Vice of President Ma'ruf Amin expects Istiqlal Mosque to be the center of ideas, movements for the development of Islamic civilization and culture in Indonesia.

This was conveyed by Ma'ruf in the 43rd Istiqlal Mosque Milad event, Monday (22/2/2021) night held virtually. "So far Istiqlal Mosque has functioned well as a mosque in its traditional meaning. Istiqlal Mosque has even shown its social and political function in the nation's journey," maruf said.

Istiqlal is a pride mosque of Indonesian Muslims that has been established since 43 years ago. Ma'ruf said, Istiqlal Mosque has stood luxurious and magnificent in the heart of the Capital.

As of January 2021, the government has completed its first renovation since the mosque was founded in 1978. In fact, Ma'ruf claimed to have witnessed various advances in the largest mosque in Southeast Asia.

In addition, Ma'ruf appreciated the construction of the Silaturrahmi Tunnel. The tunnel connects Istiqlal Mosque and Cathedral Church.

"This Silaturrahmi Tunnel will be a symbol of tolerance and diversity of the Indonesian nation, which will be a good example for other mosques in the Capital region and other regions, even at the regional and global level," he said.

Ma'ruf also hopes the role and contribution of Istiqlal Mosque as a state mosque can be an example.

Especially in spreading coolness and peace to the community, maintaining harmony and unity. As well as consistent in islamic da'wah wasathiyah and rahmatan lil alamiin in order to move Indonesia forward.