Waqf Has the Potential to Boost the Country's Economy

By | 06 September 2021 13:11:14 | 175 | 0
picture by: sumatra.bisnis.com
picture by: sumatra.bisnis.com

West Sumatra Governor Mahyeldi, said waqf is one of the potential people who can be used to encourage economic movement in Nagari.


"This potential can be managed through official institutions such as foundations so that their utilization can be more directed," he said when inaugurating and attending the Inauguration of the Joint Blessing Waqf Foundation at Padang Belimbing Grand Mosque in Solok Regency, Tuesday (24/8).


Mahyeldi said each nagari in West Sumatra has economic potential. But some are not worked to the maximum because of budget shortages.

The Waqaf Foundation, which is supported jointly by the nagari community in their hometown and in the region, could be a solution to the problem.


"The point is the cohesiveness between the people both in the village and in the region. This is what is shown by the people of Padang Belimbing with the establishment of this Joint Blessing Waqf Foundation," said Mahyeldi.


He said the government is currently promoting a money waqf program to boost the economy. Sumbar was appointed as a pilot province for its implementation. He mentioned in West Sumatra, there is Bank Nagari as a financial institution that is trusted to manage waqf money.


He considered every nagari can imitate Padang Belimbing to establish the Waqaf Foundation so that the potential is not wasted.


"We fully support the existence of waqf management institutions at this nagari level," Mahyeldi added.