Tricks to Face a Picky Eater Child

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One of the problems that parents often face with children aged one to two years is picky food for picky eaters. This often makes the mother dizzy because on the one hand the mother is aware that the little one still needs enough nutrients to grow and develop.


How to deal with children who are not only difficult to eat but always picky food? Pediatrician, dr. Herbowo Agung F Soetomenggolo Sp.A (K), explained, picky food is actually normal and happens also in adults. However, in children who are just starting to learn to eat, this should not be allowed to drag on.


There are many causes of children having difficulty eating. According to him, the first because the character of the child is hard, so only want to eat that-that's all. 


Second, the feeding patterns of the parents are not varied. "Third, there are disorders or diseases in children such as allergies and less often is due to a condition called sensory processing disorder, namely sensory input disorders, for example children are too disgusted with flabby food, there are even children who are frightened by rice," explained Dr. Herbowo in a press release received by, Sunday (10/10).


He said, diet during pregnancy also affects the eating habits of children. For example, pregnant women who only consume certain types of food, then the fetus becomes accustomed to only recognizing limited types of food.


According to Dr. Herbowo, how to deal with picky eaters is to patiently and not tired of introducing new food choices, since MPASI children. "Do not give up introducing new types of food even though rejected by children, karana research shows, it takes at least 15 times the effort until the child wants to eat the new food," he said.


One thing that is very important in dealing with children who are picky about food is not to make children more stressed. Eating is part of the learning process so according to Dr. Herbowo, it must be done with a pleasant atmosphere.


He said, let the dinner table fall apart when the little one eats because he is studying. In addition, make a meal schedule. Even if the child does not touch the food, try to sit at the dinner table at mealtime. 


"The key is patience and as long as it is well supervised, for a long time the child will want to eat whatever we serve," he said.