Munira Yussuf, Voice of Minority by Art

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Being a Muslim woman in hijab in a country like Sweden does not make Munira Yussuf inferior and inferior. Although in a minority structure, his african figure is actually able to show existence through the world of art and illustration.


Reporting from Boredpanda, Munira is a creative illustrator who is so brilliant. He is able to integrate digital context into his work so that it can be easily enjoyed by various social media channels. 


Departing from his activities as an artist, Munira began his work in the art world from the age of 12. His interest in the art world began to emerge when he got the first computer.


The computer became a medium that supported Munira's activities as a digital illustrator. "My love of graphic design and illustration began when I got the first computer," he explained.


Munira has been used to drawing since childhood. He continues to be encouraged by various things about technology that are applicable to the field of art. Through his first computer, Munira began to master Adobe DreamWeaver and various other software. As time went on, Munira was getting the maximum to improve her skills. "I've been growing ever since," he said.


Although very talented in the field of art, his academic ability is not so good. He has repeatedly applied to schools and colleges in the arts, but had to fail. Until finally, Munira was forced to major in social affairs at a college.


Nevertheless, Munira continued to explore his artistic talent. Instead, he thought that being an artist was not one who had studied the art world formally.


Being an artist, according to Munira, is a passion and capital of imagination that can be realized in works in that field." I trained myself a lot to keep improving and learning a lot of tutorials," he said.


In Sweden, Munira said, no one sees her as someone who needs to be respected. Her background as a Muslim woman from a minority African community actually resents her if the Swedish minority needs the media.


He is also determined to create an art space for anyone with a background, especially for minorities. "I want to create a world for people like me," he said.


According to Munira, showing identity through artwork is very important. Minorities have been repeatedly restricted, reduced, and put in very limited boxes.


With his open work, Munira sought to break the world's stereotypes of Islam and black people. He hopes that anyone with a background has the right to show his identity. They can be free in choosing art that is in accordance with the principles and values they believe.