The Will of Adam to his Son

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Imam Tsa'labi mentioned that when the Prophet Sham was born and raised, Prophet Adam then aloof to worship Allah SWT and read the temperature, then all his brother's affairs were held and controlled by the Prophet Sham. When he was alone in Adam he received a revelation from Allah: "O Adam I will give to your son Sham with what I tell you. Verily, I will give you the pain of death which I have ascertained, as well as to your posterity until the day of qiyamah." The words shocked Adam, and said, "O Lord, what is the death that you have promised." Then Adam asked the Prophet Sham to come and give him a will with many wills, until the news of the coming of the hurricane (wind and flood) that destroyed all the contents of nature and also told about the times of worship from night to day. 


Then The Prophet Adam took hold of his beard and put it into the tabuut (box) and said: "O my son take this hair of mine, if you get this thing that confuses you then bring it, then you will be able to defeat your enemy as long as this beard is with you and if you have seen this beard whitening then know that your death is near and you will die in that year". 

 Then Adam took out his ring and gave it to Sham and handed over the ark and the temperature that was handed down to him and said, "My son fight your brother because Allah (SWT) will give you victory over you." It is said that Adam lived in this world 1000 years old from his descent into the world. 


The great News 


It is said that the devil came to Moses bin Imron and spoke if you prayed to your Lord then ask for intercession for me and ask if it is still accepted my repentance if I repent? And when The Prophet Moses prayed to Allah SWT, he asked "O Rab do you want to accept the repentance of the devil if he repents?" then Allah azza wa jalla replied, "It has been missed in my knowledge that he will not repent but I am all-accepting and merciful, if he wants repentance then prostrate him to Adam, if he prostrates to his grave Adam then I will accept his repentance". When Moses returned from his prayer, the devil came to him and asked, "Moses, have you delivered my blasphemy?" Moses replied, "Your problem depends on your prostration buried by the prophet Adam" and the devil replied, "I refused to bow down to Adam while he was alive, how could I possibly bow down to him who is now dead". 


It is told, that the devil at the end of his death, Allah SWT ordered his soldiers the angel Izroil to take his life, then the devil ran to all directions of sea and land but did not find a safe place so that it reached the tomb of Prophet Adam and then prostrated to the tomb, then told him, Allah SWT has closed the door of repentance then your repentance will not be accepted, after obviously no acceptance then the devil said pretend not to know,  If I had known that this was Adam's grave, I would have stayed here and prostrated myself, and the angels surrounded him and the angel Izroil took his life hard.