Ariosan Foundation Hold Joint Work Meeting

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The Good governance of an organization is a key prerequisite for the Foundation to realize the vision, mission and objectives of the institution. The benchmark is good planning. Recognizing the importance of the work program, Ariosan Foundation carries out routine activities held every year, namely work meetings.

This activity was followed by all units under the auspices of the Ariosan Foundation, namely, MA Irtiqo and, The working meeting on this occasion carries the theme "Realizing the Ariosan Foundation Institution has professional governance. A total of 32 participants who participated in raker activities held on January 22, 2022 at the Irtiqo Malang school building.

Amid massive changes in the human resources sector in today's world, innovative thinking and breakthroughs are needed in employment development. The work force role of the Ariosan Foundation is required to continue to synergize with each other, so that all work programs and policies that will be implemented well.

This was conveyed by the director of the Ariosan Foundation, Quds Hamid Mahmood Al Samarrai, when giving directions as well as opening the 2022 Foundation Work Meeting with the theme Realizing the Ariosan Foundation Institution has professional governance and global outlook.

The Director of Ariosan Foundation hopes that in the future Ariosan Foundation can be a better Foundation. Able to realize the vision of the Foundation as Conveying the lights, teachings, and values of Islam to all mankind with Al-Qur’an as a basis. Also, can be achieve the mission as Teaching and conveying the lights, teachings, and values of Islam based on science and Qur’anic law originating from Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala, to all mankind through da’wah and social-humanitarian programs.