Art Exhibitions to be Done Virtually during the Coronavirus Pandemic

By Admin | 02 September 2020 15:04:29 | 164 | 0

Organizing art exhibitions are the things that artists usually do. However, due to this Coronavirus pandemic, they have much things to sacrifice. As well as the teacher-student distanced learning, the artists are also have to do the exhibition virtually.

A weekly virtual exhibition is held in the Instagram account of @sr.dekesda by the Fine Arts Council of Sidoarjo since last May. Every weekend, they are busy with their gadgets to select, edit, and post the arts they would post on the Instagram account. The editing here covers the addition of Fine Art Council (Dekesda) watermark and also frames in each of the photos being posted.

The chief organizer of this event, Syska Liana argues that the event of virtual exhibition can have both the downsides and upsides. The downsides are that the visitors cannot take a look and observe closely to the arts being exhibited. They cannot also posed in front of the arts they are fond of and take pictures with it. There is just not "I have visited an art exhibition" vibes.

The upsides ones are that the arts being posted stays there forever, so everyone can take a look at it anytime they want, wherever they are. It is definitely simpler and easier. It is also much easier for the event organizer to see and accumulate which pieces of arts are the most favourite. It can be seen from the number of likes and comments of the posts. (ar)