PSBB to be Enacted in Java - Bali Regions Under Red Zona Status

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The ccordinating minister of Economic affair Arilangga Hartarto on Wednesday announced in pers teleconfrence after limited meetin ’’ the large –scale social restriction (PSBB) will be implemented. In order reduce the rate of outbreak of the corona virus in the coutry, the goverment decided to implement a micro PSBB policy in the Java and Bali Provunces from 11 to january 25, 2021.

This policy was taken because of in these provinces and districts / cities the number of active cases and the death rate due to corona was always above the national average, while the recovery rate was always below the national average. In addition, the occupancy rate of beds in isolation rooms and intensive care units for Covid-19 patients is above 70 percent.

The PSBB is being enforced to limit the workplace limit with work from home (WFH) by 75 percent; teaching and learning activities carried out online; The essential sectors related to the basic needs of the community continue to operate 100 percent with limited operating hours and capacity; Operational hours at the center are only until 19.00 WIB: and seating capacity in basic cafes and restaurants is a maximum of 25 percent, while pick-up or delivery services remain limited.

The PSBB this time also allows construction activities to continue 100 percent with the implementation of stricter health protocols while places of worship can operate with a capacity limitation of 50 percent. Public facilities and socio-cultural activities will be temporarily suspended, while the capacity and operating hours of the transportation mode will be arranged to avoid large crowds.

"The government encourages the restriction is carried out on 11 Januaryto 25, 2021 and the government will continue to evaluate. The government will carry out strict supervision, to implement health protocols, improve justice operations carried out by Satpol PP, police and military apparatus, "explained Airlangga.

Source VOA Indonesia news