Indonesia is The World's Largest Muslim Country but Low of Waqf Literacy

By Lissa | 07 May 2021 11:49:13 | 160 | 0
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The Islamic Economic Community (MES) said that waqf literacy in Indonesia is still quite low, reaching only 50.48% indicated by the waqf literacy index at the end of last year. This figure is still very low considering Indonesia is the country with the largest Islamic population in the world.


Vice Chairman of MES and Deputy Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) Pahala Nugraha Mansury said this literacy should be improved considering waqf can be one of the efforts that can be made to improve the national economy and support social equality.


"Based on the data of waqf literacy nas 2020 waqf literacy index score of 50.48% this value is still included in the low quadrant. Of course this is unfortunate together because Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population in the world and represents 12.7% of Muslim pendudk worldwide," pahala said in a virtual Waqf National Webinar, Friday (7/5/2021).


He mentioned that the government continues to encourage waqf literacy in Indonesia. One of them is by launching the National Movement for Waqf of Money (GWNU).


This step is not only expected to increase literacy and public awareness to berwakaf, but also encourage the transformation of waqf management so that waqf is given not only in the form of property.


This is also in line with the steps of the Indonesian Waqf Board (BWI) which encourages that. in the future waqf can be given in other forms.


"Certainly in the future we hope that with increasing understanding of the community, waqf is expected to be one of the form or sources of funds that can drive the economy and inclusivity of equality and improve the welfare of the community," he continued.


In terms of SOEs, said Pahala, waqf movement is also carried out in accordance with their respective capacities. Waqf distribution is one of them is done by using corporate social responsibility (CSR).


Another step is also done by transforming the waqf collection step in digital form through PT Bank Syariah Indonesia Tbk (BRIS). Throughout last year, waqf payments through this platform reached Rp 3 billion with a total transaction of 23 thousand.


Waqf payment using this digital platform is expected to increase public participation in waqf paying activities.


"With sufficient socialization and increased public understanding with the digital platform, we hope that this value will continue to grow with the increasing access and literacy of the community to waqf," he said.