Chronology of Yusuf Mansur Case Sued Rp785 Million By 12 People

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Preacher and businessman Yusuf Mansur was sued to the Tangerang District Court (PN) for alleged wanprestasi against 12 people worth Rp785 million. The lawsuit was filed on December 10, 2021.

Not only Yusuf Mansur, the attorneys of all plaintiffs also filed a lawsuit against PT Inext Arsindo and Jody Broto Suseno.


In response, Yusuf Mansur claimed to be ready in the face of the lawsuit. "We deal with it as well as we can. Wish me to continue to correct those that are still shortcomings and mistakes," Yusuf said.


Joseph insisted that he would not abandon the intention to advance the economy of the people and people. Joint venture efforts and saving land is a real movement that can pay off for the people.


"Umat has the first Sharia management assets in 2018. Ready to fly out of this pandemic," he said.


Previously, last year Yusuf Mansur also got a lawsuit with a narrative not much different from the current lawsuit. However, at that time the court rejected the lawsuit.


"Last year, his lawsuit and those of them were rejected by the court. And, it was rejected by the noble judges without any intervention from me, let alone from the ruler," Yusuf said.


In the lawsuit filed, there are at least some important points such as declaring Yusuf Mansur to make a broken promise or default. Then, declare the joint venture certificate of the hotel is legitimate and valuable and binding on the parties.


Then, punish the defendant by paying material losses suffered by the plaintiff, namely a number of investment funds in the form of joint venture money of hajj and Umrah hotels and apartments amounting to Rp 174 million and the promised revenue share of Rp111.36 million.


Furthermore, punish the defendant to pay simultaneously immaterial losses of Rp 500 million and pay forced money of Rp1 million.


Finally, punish the defendant to pay all costs incurred as a result of the case.