Madrasah Aliyah Irtiqo Excellent School in Malang, with A Tons of Achievements

By Lissa | 03 January 2022 13:06:17 | 0 | 0
Picture by : Irtiqo
Picture by : Irtiqo

Mediaummat.news_ Madrasah Aliyah Irtiqo was able to achieve there are many achievements even in the Covid-19 pandemic. This achievement proves that Irtiqo is a school always moving forward.

The principal of Irtiqo, Alamsyah said, the achievements have been achieved are the result of collective work from the entire academic community of Irtiqo. These qualities will always be treated for other successes in the future. "Continue to spread the benefits as a form of implementation of the motto that Irtiqo always holds dear, namely printing a generation of character and widespread knowledge in the global world.

Throughout 2021 gold, silver and silverware inscribed Irtiqo in the national Olympic competition. A total of 51 gold, 33 silver medals and 56 bronze medals, 10 honorable mention that have been obtained by Irtiqo students.

Alamsyah was impressed by the achievements achieved by the students, according to him, the students in Irtiqo had prepared for their future, namely by seeing the mission and vision that they had answered the challenges of the future.

The series of achievements made by madrasah Aliyah Irtiqo is ready to print qualified graduates who are able to compete nationally and internationally.