Hypnoteaching and Hypnotherapy For Children Workshop

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Picture by: dream.co.id
Picture by: dream.co.id

Hall room KH. Moh. Said Unira Malang is crowded by education practitioners from various regions of Malang raya. They were so enthusiastic to go to the leading Islamic university in Malang Regency to attend the Applied Workshop Hypnoteaching And Hypnotherapy For Children.                         

Appeared to be present at the opening of the workshop. DR. Hasan Abadi, rector of Unira, representative of The Malang District Education Office. In his speech Hasan Abadi reminded 3 elements that must be done by every teacher, namely ta'lim (scientific transfer, ta'dib (character transfer) and tarbiyah (developing the potential of students). In addition, on the occasion of his speech, the representatives of diknas advised that teachers not stop learning and develop themselves by attending seminars, workshops and training such as the event held this time.   


The opening ceremony concluded with a prayer by KH. Mahmud Ghojali as secretary of the Raden Rahmat Islamic University foundation. On the occasion of the workshop, the participants were invited by coach DR. HM. Taufiqi, SP., M.Pd,CH, CHt,CI, C.NLP, CT, CMT to find out the mistakes of parents and teachers in teaching and educating, knowing mental blocks in students and how to overcome them, participants are also invited to know and enter the subconscious, trance-trance-suggestions as capital to overcome children or students. The event is packed very intestine so that it makes the participants feel at home following the event until the end. Singing, hypnosis practice, hypnotherapy practice and hypnoteaching practice become entertaining interserets. All the materials provided by the trainer who is also the director of Unira's graduate program as a learning revolution to optimize the potential of students and children. The workshop participants are also spoiled with various facilities including: 1 religious parenting book, 1 ticket to visit predator fun park-Batu tourist attractions all given free of charge                         

Participants who want to take a post-graduate program are given a cut of up to 1 million rupiah. "Special workshop, we wait for the next similar event", said one of the workshop participants.