MA AL-Irtiqo Malang Win The Teacher Awards from Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs

By Irtiqo Malang | 07 December 2022 14:28:48 | 171 | 0
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Another success story from MA Al-Irtiqo Malang, published by The head of Madrasah Education on December 5th 2022 announced Alamsyah, S.Pd., M.Pd., M.M. as the favorite winner. Alamsyah is the headmaster of MA Al-Irtiqo Malang. This award in order to give appreciation and improve the quality of teachers and education personnel madrasah, Directorate of Teachers and Education Personnel Madrasas give prizes to the winners Teacher Award for Madrasah 2022. Each of the favorite winners will earn 3 millions rupiah for the prize. 


This award shows the great existence of MA Al-Irtiqo Malang. Student and even teacher in MA Al-Irtiqo proves their capability in advancing their abilities and excellence. As we know MA Al-Irtiqo adds more and more achievements, starting from regional championship, national, even international. This award is acknowledged by the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs and this award competes with teachers from 38 provinces in Indonesia.