Mualaf, This Beautiful Weightlifter Deletes all Photos Before Hijab

By Lissa | 02 February 2021 14:44:38 | 0 | 0
Picture by: okesport
Picture by: okesport

A beautiful girl from Latvia has decided to become a Muslim. That pretty girl's name is Rebeka Khoha. Rebeka is a world athlete who is the pride of Latvia.

Rebeka became one of Latvia's proudest athletes in the weightlifting branch. The 22-year-old achieved a sweet feat by winning titles at the European Championships in 2018 and 2019 in the 59 kilogram class at the time.

With her achievements, Rebeka got more spotlight from the Latvian public and of course the world. In mid-2020, the athlete who once held the junior world record in the 53 kg class was the center of attention for claiming to have become a mualaf or some one who recently become muslim .

In her announcement, Rebeka said she had read two creed sentences on Monday, July 27, 2020 at 3:48 pm local time. After converting by converting to Islam, the cute woman immediately wore a hijab.

Already changing her appearance to Islamic, Rebeka decided to delete all her photos on social media, especially Instagram, while not yet in hijab. He also asked his friends not to show any previous photos of him still spreading his nakedness.

"My friends, my followers, and all! I've decided on something big