Biden Appoints a Muslim as U.S. Federal Judge

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The United States Senate finally approved President Joe Biden's proposal to appoint Zahid Quraishi, a Muslim jurist, to serve as a federal judge on Thursday (6/10/2021).


The Democratic-controlled Senate voted by 81 votes to 16 to confirm approval of Quraishi. This made Quraishi the first muslim federal judge in U.S. history.


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York noted that Islam is the third largest religion in the U.S. So far no Muslim has ever served on the federal bench.


"We have to expand not only demographic diversity but professional diversity, and I know that President Biden agrees with me on this and this will be something I will do," Schumer said, quoted by Reuters on Friday (11/6/2021).


Quraishi himself was the son of immigrants who came from Pakistan. As a legal expert, it's also very long in the U.S. justice scene.


He currently serves as a judge in New Jersey. Previously he also filled positions as assistant U.S. attorney, assistant chief counsel to the Department of Homeland Security, and attorney in the U.S. Army's Justice Advocate Corps.


The campaign against public acceptance of Muslims in North America is intensifying. This was driven by a collision incident with a Muslim family in Ontario, Canada, on Sunday (6/6/2021).


In that incident four family members were killed. According to police, the action was planned and motivated by hatred.