Covid Third Wave Repulsed, Indonesian Green Zone Increased!

By Diah Lutfiani | 26 October 2021 10:27:46 | 0 | 0
picture by: CNN
picture by: CNN

The control of Covid-19 cases on the ground began to be controlled. In recent weeks, green zones or areas that do not have Covid-19 cases have increased again.

Data belonging to the Task Force (Task Force) handling Covid-19 as of October 10 quoted Monday (25/10/2021) recorded the addition of green zones to two areas, namely Tambrauw Regency in West Papua, South Buru Regency in Maluku.


The data is the result of weighting of regional risk scores and zoning that are updated on a weekly basis. This data was previously updated on October 3.


On October 3, the green zone was in the Arfak Mountains, West Papua, Intan Jaya, Papua, South Manokwari, West Papua, and Tuai City, Maluku. Now, the green zone is increasing again in Tambrauw Regency in West Papua, South Buru Regency in Maluku.


Meanwhile, orange zones or areas with a moderate risk of covid-19 transmission have left only three areas in the past week. They are Subulussalam City and Aceh Besar Regency in Aceh Province. Then Mamasa Regency in West Sulawesi Province.


The decrease occurred in yellow zone areas or areas with a low risk of covid-19 transmission. This yellow zone area dropped to 506 regions, compared to last week's data which recorded 508 districts / cities.


As for all districts / cities in Indonesia ranging from Java to Papua, the majority fall into the yellow zone category.


In the last four weeks, Indonesia has been officially free from the red zone aka high-risk areas of Covid-19. Based on the risk zoning map, there are no red zones left.


This can not be separated from the development of Covid-19 cases in the country that are increasingly controlled. In the past week, the number of cases per day has been no more than 1,500.