Kang Emil Talks About Covid-19 Control

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picture by: dream.co.id
picture by: dream.co.id

The handling of the Covid-19 pandemic in West Java (West Java) under the command of West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil continues to show a positive trend. For Kang Emil, Ridwan Kamil's familiar greeting, all of that can not be separated from the success of PPKM and all parties involved in the handling.


"The first in West Java is from the risk zone; there is no red zone, 100% of West Java's version of the risk category is a moderate zone. Then also PPKM is the majority in PPKM level 3 and there are four (districts / cities) already in PPKM level 2 even. It's been very, very improved. That's about it. And today's news that is most encouraging is the availability of hospitals staying 21% from the previous peak of approximately 91%," he said in a special interview with CNBC Indonesia in the Evening Up program, Thursday (08/26/2021).


The handling of the improved Covid-19 pandemic presents Kang Emil's confidence that in the future west Java's economic recovery will be maximal. Slowly but surely sectors of the economy will soon improve.


In this interview, Kang Emil also revealed the big dreams of West Java, including his efforts to attract investors. Check out the full excerpt of the interview below.


How is the development of handling the Covid-19 pandemic in West Java?

The majority of the good news is thank God. This shows the performance of PPKM and all involved is incredible.


The first in West Java is from the risk zone; there is no red zone, 100% of West Java's version of the risk category is a moderate zone. Then also PPKM is the majority in PPKM level 3 and there are four (districts / cities) already in PPKM level 2 even. It's been very, very improved. That's about it.


And today's most encouraging news is that the availability of the hospital is only 21% from the previous peak of approximately 91%.


Well there was an increase in cases yesterday that's because there were cases delayed. So it was announced there were 5,000, it was also reported by CNBC Indonesia that there was a spike, actually it was 4,000. It was an old case from Depok that was recently verified because there were differences in reporting applications so that the real case was only 1,000.


Even his usual recovery of 2,000 jumped to 14,000. Well that's possible in two days, please viewers see if there are thousands of cases from West Java it is actually an old case that is re-verified. That's about it.


In general, because of reliableness now our focus is two, namely speeding up vaccinations until December and both economic openings. Well this economic opening is interesting because we do not want euphoria, we do it gradually, slowly, gradually, but with vigilance.


In areas where vaccinations are already high such as large cities must indeed come to the mall or restaurant using the PeduliLindungi application for those who have been vaccinated or showed free Covid-19 through negative antigen test results for example.


To those whose vaccination is not yet 40%, we will strengthen the prokes only and we do random sampling. So it's been ordered, then go around the officers checking them in public places. Because it was found, from a meeting with Pak Luhut (Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment General TNI (Purn.) Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan), a person who has been vaccinated continues to random check it turns out that there are Covid-19 as well.


That means we continue to be vigilant, do not euphoria or do not let our guard down. Well the hope is that the economy can move slowly then the emergency has passed, then just move on, we adapt to the 5 Ways to avoid Covid-19. That's our new life after the emergency.


In addition to 3T and showing the vaccine card, what are the readiness that are done in the midst of relaxation of this PPKM and also is there a region that can be lowered?


We are very excited because there are already four that can BE PPKM Level 2 means I am now pushing all level 3 even level 4 to quickly join PPKM level 2. That's our hope in the next 1-2 weeks.


So that way, the economy of the road, schools can be opened on the condition that teachers and students are vaccinated for example, the economy is also slowly 25% first. We'll monitor it for 7 days. It will rise again later by 50%. We monitor random sampling. If it turns out that random sampling is not much affected by Covid-19, disciplined health protocols, that's West Java's dream in controlling Covid-19 so we focus on economic recovery.


West Java Provincial Government's strategy in reducing the addition of daily cases of Covid-19?

Yes, in conclusion, the majority of Covid-19 patients in West Java have mild and moderate symptoms. Because the medium and the weight of the hospital dropped dramatically from 91% to 21%. Most of them are in homes.

So that in the houses he confided in two. Want to contact a doctor, the doctor is often busy, wants to find a cure, the medicine often runs out. Hence our strategy was yesterday in the last month to make telemedicine. Our 13 doctors were alerted and thank God 50,000 questions from people who were confused during isoman answered 100%. Then the drug is sent types a, b, c, d, and e. From type a supplement only to type e which with hard drugs we send door to door free to isoman patients.


The hope is that the one at home is not too long, and heals faster. Hence the recovery rate of West Java above 90%. And thank God although the number of deaths in that number is very sorry, but the number of West Java deaths compared to the provinces in Java is low, we are at 1.8% compared to the national average of above 2.7%.


Well then oxygen is surplus because West Java proactively searches for sources of oxygen, lends oxygen tubes, buys tools related to oxygen tubes abroad. Today's position is now surplus, we help some to Kalimantan, Sumatra, some areas in Java we also support.


But we are also preparing not to be attacked again by the third emergency. So the management of hospitals, oxygen, free medicine, telemedicine, isolation rooms in the village, hotels, apartments we still prepare even though the conditions are now increasingly empty. So that God willingly learns from the experience of emergencies due to delta variants, West Java Insha Allah is better prepared to face disruption again.


So now that our health is bentengi with the vaccine that today we have the highest in Indonesia, the average daily dose is already above 200,000. But because the population is also 50 million people, the highest 200 thousand is not enough.


So this August 28th we will pursue our dose. Hopefully it can penetrate 400 thousand with the record supply of vaccines from the central government is also smooth because we need 15 million doses per month until December. I think it's preparations, experience in controlling Covid-19, especially in West Java.