Tips For Kids Who Like to Play Games Want to Learn

By Lissa | 19 November 2021 11:37:42 | 0 | 0
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Many children enjoy playing games, which are considered difficult when it comes to learning. Especially if they are addicted to playing.


Reported by Female First, here are five tips so that children want to learn and not get stuck continuing to play games:


1. Make rules


When the child is relaxed, talk to the child about playing. Make a deal on how many hours per day they can preach.


2. Use the game as a reward


Make the game a gift. Have your child do homework or their homework before they can play games. Use the analogy "people get paid after work".


3. Learn while playing


Sometimes learning is boring. Create challenges in learning such as playing games, so that children feel challenged to solve them.


4. Praise the child


One of the reasons games are addictive is that they increase the happy hormone or dopamine. In order to learn fun, often praise whatever the child does in learning. This will make the child happy.


5. Games improve their skills


Games basically teach children problem-solving skills. They will be faced with problems and have to try different ways to solve them. Help children identify the skills they develop through gaming and how it helps their studies.