Story: The Miracle Of Almsgiving In The Wait For My Pregnancy

By Admin Mediaummat | 03 January 2022 11:18:54 | 0 | 0
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Two years I have been through the age of marriage with questions from people around "are you pregnant yet???".  And of course the reader knows exactly what it feels like when asked such a question.


Often I cry alone, even in every few cycles of my period, my husband feels disappointed. And I understand that it's a sign that my husband has been very happy with the baby.

I've been working here and there but there have been no results. I was in college and working so my husband thought I was too tired. I was told to resign, but I wondered because I still wanted to help the parents of all the dependents of his debts. But I don't mention that reason in front of my husband.


And until finally alhamdulillah the final exam of the semester is finished, and the debt of parents has receded. I also every Month of Ramadan ask for the cooperation of my husband to hold iftar in the orphanage (all ask for prayers to orphans so that we are quickly blessed with momongan).


But there has been no result, I don't know the secret of God when it is revealed. But still I try to believe in the power of almsgiving. Until the last time I intend to sacrifice while slipping prayer in my heart. When I am on my pilgrimage, I am menstruating. And thank God it became my last period aka I was positively pregnant.


Finally my prayer was answered... To this day, I have always believed in the power of charity. Sorry for the length... I'm just sharing personal experiences to open up. Because the child is also God's sustenance, so I think that in addition to the efforts for my fertility, I also seduce God to be given the gift. (*)