Baitul Atiq Mosque in Gadang: Masjidil Haram in Indonesia

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"In the houses of Allah (mosques) which have been commanded to be glorified and called His name in them. Pray to God in the morning and evening." (QS. An-Nur:36) 


The small mosque, which is in the middle of this densely populated village, was established in 2012. Although the location is nyelempit, but uniquely this mosque was inaugurated by the Deputy Governor of East Java Drs. H. Syaifullah Yusuf (Gus Ipul). There is one takmir manager who is a close friend of Gus Ipul, so that when the inauguration of the mosque the mosque takmir party can invite Gus Ipul to inaugurate it. 


The mosque, whose building form is modern, is always filled with worshippers to worship. The mosque which has two floors stands firmly in the middle of the village between people's houses. The large yellow-gold dome appears prominent among the dense buildings of the house. 


Name of The Grand Mosque


Baitul Atiq Mosque is the name of this mosque. Access to the mosque is rather difficult, because it is in the middle of the village. Precisely in Gg. 12 A Jl. Gadang, Gadang, Sukun, Malang City. From the direction of Gadang market to Malang is on the left side of the road. Entry from alley 10b, about 500 meters. It's alm. Mbah Kyai Dzini Asiep who is an elder of the village, who gave the name of the mosque as Baitul Atiq, whose name itself is taken from another name or nicknamed the Grand Mosque. 

The mosque, which stands on an area of 19x8 square meters, is the waqaf land of alm. Tamini's mother. He grounded the land in 2010. Tamini's mother was a resident of Gadang Gg. 12 A. During her life she was not married, so her inheritance was entrusted to be made a mosque, according to Nadzir Masjid Baitul Atiq Suhari. 


Prosperity of the Mosque


Although this mosque is small, many activities are held by the mosque takmir to make the mosque. Routine to annual activities have been held in this mosque. This is all thanks to the enthusiasm of the people around the mosque in terms of converting the mosque. Like mass circumcision activities held every school holiday. Where this mass circumcision activity is free for every participant.


In addition, every month Muharram performs orphan compensation for the community around the mosque. In addition, routine activities exist, among others, Sunday night Monday Sholawatan Al Banjari, Majlis Taklim every Thursday Night Friday from 10 pm to 1 pm. The ceremony was attended by Ust. Bashori. 

For the construction of the qur'an written writing is carried out in the Garden of Education of the Qur'an (TPQ) which is carried out every day except Thursday. Even so, this mosque only performs for worship 5 times, but for Friday prayers have not been carried out in this mosque. In the future the mosque will be maximized for worship, 5-time prayer or Friday prayers. And also for routine activities.