Al-Barokah Mosque, Perum Tirtasani: Converting the Mosque with Assembly Activities

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"All activities are worship, except those that are forbidden. Most importantly people like to worship in the mosque rather than at home," said Prof. Dr. H. Sunarji Dahri Tiam, M.Pd, chairman of al-Barokah Perum Tirtasani Karangploso Mosque.

With this principle, a familiar figure called Abah Sunarji made various breakthroughs so that worship activities in the mosque were more crowded. Mosques are also getting more prosperous. According to Abah Sunarji, that is the main task of the takmir, how to convert the mosque.  


It used to be quiet, but now it's crowded.


Various ways are taken to convert al Barokah mosque located within the elite housing of Tirtasani Estate Jl. Raya Karanglo, Karangploso, Malang. Takmir mosque manager led by Prof. Dr. H. Sunarji Dahri Tiam, M.Pd (Abah Sunarji) istiqomah in terms of converting mosques. One of the efforts made is to establish an assembly named after the mosque, the Al-Barokah Assembly. The Al-Barokah Assembly was established to invite residents in the Tirtasani Estate housing complex to convert the mosque. With the assembly, various activities have been carried out, such as sholawat, tahlil, recitation. This activity is able to attract local residents to participate in assembly activities. Dhikr and sholawat have always been routinely carried out since the last 2 years. Thanks to the activities of the assembly, Al Barokah Mosque which was once quiet jama'ah, now becomes full of jama'ah for worship.

At the beginning of the establishment of the mosque about 10 years ago, jama'ah worshiped only a few people. The takmir was confused, how to make the mosque prosperous. Then Abah H. Sunarji consulted with Alm. Gus Abdul Rochim Syadzili, founder of the Maulid Wat Ta'lim Riyadlul Jannah Assembly.


Alm. Gus Rochim gave advice as well as practice so that Al Barokah mosque can be crowded with worshippers. One of his advice was to convene an assembly. And after the practice given by alm. Gus rochim is done istiqomah, then assembly activities begin to be carried out, finally the mosque can be crowded by people who worship. 

Thanks to the concern of the mosque for the prosperity of the mosque, the housing residents who are usually individual, now become un-individualized. With regular monthly and annual activities, local muslims who usually pray at home, are now starting to be happy to pray in the mosque. 

Some of the assembly activities held by the al-Barokah mosque takmir in order to convert the mosque, among others, the assembly of siroh nabawiyah which holds a public study every month at the beginning of the week of each month. The Assembly examined the history of the Prophet (peace be upon him).


Since the existence of the assembly, changes in local residents have been seen to be very significant. Even the residents are so enthusiastic every time there is an assembly activity.

With the formation of the assembly, various spiritual activities are routinely carried out. Such as the general recitation which is held once a month, in which the recitation always presents well-known ulama figures, such as Syech Fikri Al Katiri as caregiver, KH. Idrus Romli, Ustadz Mokoginta, 5 times Muallaf Award winner.


Next Generation Program


In addition to assembly activities in the form of general recitations which are held once a month, the Al-Barokah Juha Mosque carries out various weekly activities. Every Friday night of Yasin and tahlil, after that it is filled with studies from the habibs, such as Habib Muhammad Anis and Habib Taufiq Baragba.

In addition to activities for ladies and gentlemen, to create an Islamic village, coaching for future generations is still being considered. Local teenagers are trained for the call to prayer and iqomat. In addition, TPQ is also there to make this happen. With the number of children who recite the Koran amounting to 40 people, every day these activities are carried out after Asr until Maghrib.