Adam Jordan the Student of MA Irtiqo Malang, Achieve Glorious Achievements Student Science Olympiad

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Adam Jordan is quite young, but his experience in achieving achievements can be extraordinary.  The 12th grader of MA Irtoqo Malang, East Java has won 26 trophies and race certificates from various races. The race that Adam participated was mostly from the field of science.

There are many trophies these, obtained by Adam since becoming a student in MA Al – Irtoqo Malang. Starting from following events held by the school and education agencies or other government agencies. From the district level to the national level.

Adam had given a lot of trophies and medals for his school. For example, nine gold medals, eight silver medals and nine bronze medals were obtained from the national science Olympiad race in chemistry held by the national Institute of Education and Islamic Religious Education in 2019 - 2021.

In the Olympiad race he gained a lot of meaningful experience. In addition to getting to know many new people, also knows many places. Through various races taught Adam to be a brave, independent, and heartened child if he lost. Adam said

"Adam never gets discouraged if he fails, keeps fighting to win. My life motto is 3B (Belajar, berdoa, berusaha) of learning, trying and praying. Capital 3B I believe can lead me to be a successful person. he said’’

Losing and winning is certainly experienced by champions. Adam often felt defeat.

Behind Adam's tough attitude turns out to be the role of Master who is always supportive and directing in every race.

"I always support Adam in any situation. If Adam feels unable, I always persuade and encourage him; Adam certainly can. If Adam loses and is sad; Adam tomorrow makes even better, later we learn again, Adam must win, a companion teacher’ said Saidatul Abidah,’’

Saidatul said Adam was different from the other students. Before the pandemic Covid-19 usually Adam never holidays in learning he always want to continue learning. He never tired of always being passionate in learning, until now he often provides motivation for himself and his classmates to always excel.