The First Battleship in the World sank on trial, the founder was killed

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Picture by : PT.Pal
Picture by : PT.Pal

Quote from the, Thursday (15/10/2020) the submarine of 40 feet from the cylinder boiler was developed by Horace Lawson.

The ship is operated by eight crew, with one person directing it while the other seven turn the crank that drives the propellers.

Although the Hunley could dive, the submarine needed calm seas to operate safely.

In the summer of 1863, the Hunley trials were successful in Mobile Alabama Bay.

The Commander of the Confederation of Generals, Pierre G.T. Beauregard realized at that point that the submarine might be useful for crashing into a Union ship and breaking the blockade of Charleston Harbor.uhan Charleston.

Subsequent to the ship, the Hunley submarine was sent to South Carolina.

On arrival, the submarine ran into problems. During the test, a crew member became entangled in the engine and then dived with the hatch open. Only two people survived the accident

Although the ship was lifted and repaired, it was difficult to find another crew willing to take the risk of operating the submarine.

Horace Lawson, tries to restore confidence in the submarine that was made. On October 15, the submarine was brought to Charleston Harbor for another test.

In front of the audience, the submarine Hunley dives below the surface of the sea and does not appear again. The incident killed Horace Lawson and his entire crew.

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